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This stuff works.

Callisto Plant Technology® was created to mimic the natural herbicides secreted by the Callistemon plant. It’s the power that gives brands like Callisto®, Callisto Xtra, Lumax® EZ, Lexar® EZ, Halex® GT and Zemax® herbicides unprecedented residual control over broadleaf weeds.

Growers can find a Callisto Plant Technology brand solution to fit any farming practice. So look for the Callisto Plant Technology logo and feel confident knowing you’re getting the kind of broadleaf weed control and application flexibility you won’t find anywhere else.

AAtrex, Bicep II MAGNUM, Bicep II MAGNUM FC, Bicep Lite II MAGNUM, Callisto Xtra, Lexar, Lexar EZ, Lumax and Lumax EZ are Restricted Use Pesticides.

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