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Product Stewardship

Callisto® herbicide, the foundation of Callisto Plant Technology® brands, is an HPPD inhibitor. HPPD-inhibitor technology is important for farmers as they continue to work to meet the demands of an ever-growing population.

To preserve this important technology, Syngenta recommends proactive resistance management practices including rotating modes of action and crops, using full herbicide rates, tank mixing herbicides with multiple modes of action, as well as appropriate cultural practices like tillage and cover crops to reduce selection pressure.

A good weed resistance management strategy includes a herbicide program that contains two or more modes of action.

  • Lumax® EZ, Lexar® EZ and Halex® GT corn herbicides each contain three herbicide active ingredients and three effective modes of action.
  • Callisto® Xtra and Zemax® corn herbicide contains two herbicide active ingredients and two modes of action.
  • Lumax EZ, Lexar EZ, Halex GT, Callisto Xtra and Zemax are Resistance Fighter brands.

Product Stewardship Recommendations:

  • To help prevent the development of resistance to HPPD herbicides, always use full labeled rates of Callisto, Callisto Xtra, Lumax EZ, Lexar EZ, Halex GT and Zemax.
  • If applying Callisto post-emergence after a Callisto-containing pre-emergence herbicide, always add atrazine as a tank mix partner.
  • No more than 0.24 lb. of Callisto active ingredient should be applied per acre of corn per year (equivalent of 7.7 fl. oz. per acre per year of Callisto).
  • If additional herbicide must be applied, it is recommended that a different mode of action be used, i.e., other than an HPPD inhibitor (Group 27 Herbicide).

AAtrex, Bicep II MAGNUM, Bicep II MAGNUM FC, Bicep Lite II MAGNUM, Callisto Xtra, Lexar, Lexar EZ, Lumax and Lumax EZ are Restricted Use Pesticides.

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