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Glyphosate-tolerant corn solutions

The Callisto Plant Technology® herbicide portfolio provides a range of products that are safe to the crop and perform well to meet the needs of today’s corn growers.

Callisto Xtra

  • Where glyphosate is less effective on tough broadleaf weeds, using Callisto Xtra® herbicide as a tank-mix partner delivers added control while providing an extra mode of action to combat weed resistance.

Lumax EZ & Lexar EZ

  • Lumax® EZ herbicide and Lexar® EZ herbicide are the best opportunity for one-pass weed control in corn, but for growers planning a two-pass program, Lumax EZ and Lexar EZ widen the window of application for a post-emergence application of a Touchdown® brand herbicide or Halex® GT herbicide if needed.


  • Zemax® corn herbicide delivers long-lasting residual weed control and application flexibility in areas where atrazine use is limited. Through its combination of two active ingredients – Callisto® and Dual Magnum® herbicides– Zemax provides residual control of the toughest grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds.

Halex GT

  • Halex GT herbicide is Glyphosate with Residual and offers the best opportunity for one-pass, post-emergence broadleaf weed and grass control with a single product in glyphosate-tolerant corn.
  • For growers planning a two-pass program, Halex GT is the post-emergence partner of choice following an application of a Bicep® brand herbicide, Dual® brand herbicide, Princep® brand herbicide, Lumax EZ herbicide or Lexar EZ herbicide.
  • If time gets away from you, or Mother Nature throws you a curve ball, Halex GT herbicide tank mixed with atrazine (AAtrex® 4L or AAtrex Nine-O® herbicides) is the best choice for one-pass post-emergence weed control in glyphosate-tolerant corn.

A two-pass program of Lexar EZ, Lumax EZ or Zemax followed by Halex GT tank mixed with atrazine (AAtrex 4L or AAtrex Nine-O) or Touchdown Total tank mixed with Callisto Xtra controls yield-robbing early-season weeds, provides long-lasting residual to manage them all season long and delivers multiple modes of action for pre and post control offering the most sustainable option for weed resistance management. This leads to optimum yield and maximum return on investment.

Why choose Touchdown brand glyphosate herbicides?

Protecting the seed investment is now more important than ever. Touchdown Total® and Touchdown HiTech® glyphosate herbicides from Syngenta are high-quality formulations that provide outstanding performance with assurances. When growers use Touchdown brands, they enjoy the flexibility of choosing the best seed, trait and herbicide programs for their acre, and the confidence that Syngenta is by their side with service, support and commitment to their success.

Benefits of Touchdown brand herbicides:

  • Comprehensive trait and herbicide investment protection
  • High-quality formulation with active ingredient purity
  • Proven crop safety and performance over the top of glyphosate-tolerant crops
  • Demonstrated effectiveness with more than 20 tank-mix partners
  • Full service and support from Syngenta

The Callisto Plant Technology family provides options for weed resistance management

As Resistance Fighter™ brands, Lumax EZ, Lexar EZ and Halex GT have three effective modes of action, which help manage against weed resistance and deliver improved activity on broadleaf weeds not currently controlled by glyphosate alone. Using Callisto Xtra adds two modes of action to glyphosate.

For more information about these brands and how you can fight weed resistance, please visit

The Callisto Plant Technology Family Provides Options for Weed Resistance Management

Visit for the most current list of glyphosate-resistant weeds. See Syngenta herbicide product labels for specific instructions related to these weeds.

AAtrex, Bicep II MAGNUM, Bicep II MAGNUM FC, Bicep Lite II MAGNUM, Callisto Xtra, Lexar, Lexar EZ, Lumax and Lumax EZ are Restricted Use Pesticides.

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