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Customer Stories

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"This was my first year using Halex® GT herbicide. We applied Halex GT around V4 as a second pass following Lexar® herbicide. The weeds ranged from just emerging up to two inches. I was satisfied with Halex GT. Giant ragweed is always a concern here, but within a few days of applying Halex GT, I started to see that the weeds had stopped growing. A few days later, they were turning brown. As a follow up to Lexar, I think it enhanced the performance for longer residual control. Glyphosate resistance is a problem so I really want to make sure the weed is dead. Using a single product, you run the chance of weed escapes and putting out seed that is glyphosate resistant. But Lexar contains three active ingredients and so does Halex GT. So we feel confident that we are getting excellent pre-emerge and post-emerge control. We applied Lexar® herbicide in late April or early May on all of our acres. It was our first year using Lexar. I liked the idea of the three modes of action in it. We will continue to use Lexar because of the cost, for one thing. But more so than that, its efficiency and weed control. Given this year with the dry conditions, I think we were challenged with all pre-emerge herbicides, but Lexar seemed to do fairly well. Foxtails, giant ragweed, and waterhemp are our problem weeds, and Lexar controls them just as good as or better than other products I have tried. Crop safety seems to be really good with Lexar. If you can kill a weed before it emerges, then you do not have to worry about trying to kill it with glyphosate, especially with the glyphosate-resistance concerns we are hearing about. It is my intention to use Lexar again in 2013."

Erwin Henderson
Independence, IA

"My customers applied Halex® GT herbicide at 3.6 to 4 pints. Some used Dual Magnum® as a pre-emergence herbicide in front of Halex GT. The weeds were about 4 to 6 inches tall when we applied Halex GT. It controlled the weeds very well. I noticed the emerged weeds dying 7 to 10 days after application. Our problem weeds are giant ragweed, waterhemp and velvetleaf. The residual control of Halex GT worked very well. Nine out of ten growers who use Halex GT use it again because it works."

Jim Plummer
Innovative Ag Services
Monticello, IA

"We have used Halex® GT herbicide on our farm since it first came out, so I have had experience with it for quite a while. Growers trust that Halex GT is a very effective product because it works out in the field. We've had really good luck with it. Within a week after spraying, you see browning in the weeds and then they would start falling over. The toughest weeds in this area have to be waterhemp and lambsquarters. Halex GT did an excellent job of controlling these weeds."

Justin Behn
Innovative Ag Services
Ackley, IA

"For weed control, my company is a big Syngenta supporter. Our programs for the grower include using Lexar® herbicide to control grass and broadleaf weeds. We use Touchdown® herbicide for post-emergence control or Halex® GT herbicide to provide longer residual on the growers' pivots. We have always enjoyed working with Syngenta."

Terry Gorecki
Boelis, NE

"Syngenta herbicide products seem to stand out versus products at other companies. We feel comfortable recommending a full-rate of Lumax® herbicide and sleep better at the end of the day knowing that we are going to get good control of the weeds we want. With competitive products, we always had to keep an eye on everything because we almost knew we were going to have to come back. What we really like about Lumax is the ease for the applicators. We will absolutely continue offering Lumax to our customers. Every year we see the benefit of it. This year, the crops emerged but the good thing about Lumax was we could apply it as a post-emergence up to 12-inch corn too. You don't have to worry about crop damage with Lumax. When we get caught in bad weather patterns and can't get out in the field, there are certain products we can't use when the corn comes up. Lumax is a product we can still use and we can even throw a little Touchdown® herbicide in with it to clean up the weeds that popped up after planting and you know you are good to go."

Ben Arends
Innovative Ag Services
Ackley, IA

"Callisto® herbicide has always been a no-brainer for me to offer in my product lineup. I have complete confidence in the product. I tell farmers all the time that Callisto works. But they do not have to take my word for it. All they have to do is take a look at the research trials that are out there or rely on previous years' experience and they will leave feeling confident that Callisto is going to work on their farm. When farmers come to pick up their Callisto, they see how Callisto is easier for me to mix and easier for us to load and get out to the field faster. It is a good situation for everybody. Offering Callisto is a no-brainer."

Josh Allen
Brandt Consolidated
Auburn, IL

"I like Halex® GT herbicide because it has three modes of action. You get the Touchdown® herbicide component which is glyphosate for immediate burndown and grass control. You have the Callisto® that does a super job of managing broadleaf weeds and then you have the Dual Magnum® that gives you the residual from that V5 stage on until the corn has full canopy. I have had fantastic results. It's very economical and it's very easy to use. On some of the acres I spray just Halex GT. It's important you get out there and spray early post-emergence to prevent weed competition. You get an immediate kill on the weeds that are growing and you also get residual for down the road. Halex GT is a fabulous product and it's safe on the corn. It has a wide window of application and it works fantastic."

Mike Missman
Woden, IA

"We use Lumax® herbicide as our main form of weed control. It has multiple modes of action, so it really works well to combat weeds and helps with weed resistance management. We believe in the value of early-season, residual weed control. If you spray too late and you let the weeds get too high, no matter how much you spray, you're going to miss some. Every farmer knows that you're not going to get out there at the perfect time on every field. But Lumax gives us application flexibility up to 12-inch corn. After we're done with the first pass, we come back later in the season with a post-emergence application of Touchdown Total® herbicide. Our problem weeds are velvetleaf, giant ragweed, grasses, and woolly cupgrass. This program gives us full-season control. It does a good job on our entire farm."

Derrick Papcke
Papcke Farms
Elkhorn, WI

"I have used Halex® GT herbicide since the product came to market. Our toughest weeds are waterhemp and lambsquarters. We also see kochia. Halex GT does a very good job controlling these weeds. The residual control of Halex GT is phenomenal. If you can get residual to help eliminate these resistant weeds when they are at the seedling stage, it makes it easier to control them when they are at the adult stage. The three modes of action in Halex GT help prevent the weeds from getting adjusted to one particular herbicide. I was very happy with its performance. Halex® GT allows you to make fewer trips across the field. Having a product that works the first time is valuable. Farmers do not like to go out time and time again to do re-sprays. You do not have to do re-sprays with a product like Halex GT. In 7 to 10 days after spraying, we noticed activity on the weeds and soon after, they were dead. I invest in Halex GT because it works. I plan on using Halex GT again next year."

Chad Malone
Mid State Agronomy
De Smet, SD

"We use a two pass program of Lexar® herbicide followed by Touchdown® herbicide. Lexar is just an amazing product. It has great control on even our toughest weeds. There was one field previously where we had giant foxtail, but Lexar has definitely helped get rid of that. Touchdown actually gives me a second perspective on crop scouting as we're spraying and detects different things out there. You can see the different weeds you miss in the first pass and make sure they're not becoming resistant. It is a nice added benefit. Two passes, multiple modes of action - you can't beat this program in my opinion."

Aaron Rients,
Rients Lawn and Garden Enterprise
Pontiac, IL

"With Halex® GT herbicide, we intended to use it as a two-pass program, but it did such an excellent job getting rid of weeds that we only needed one pass. We wanted to try a product that contained the residual control of Callisto® herbicide. That's why we tried Halex GT and we are very happy with it. In previous years we have seen kochia, marestail and velvetleaf becoming harder to control with glyphosate alone. I think the Halex GT did an excellent job. You have three modes of action in Halex GT - three ways to control that weed. It keeps your field clean and keeps the product sustainable for future use. It works. It is as simple as that. Halex GT takes care of the weeds we need it to take care of. It just pays for itself. It makes sense. Halex GT has helped to increase the efficiency of our operation and has provided a return on our investment. Halex GT is definitely going to be in our portfolio next year."

Nick Schmit
Coleridge, NE

"In our corn fields, we have waterhemp, lambsquarters, marestail, and foxtail. Halex® GT has offered good residual, even with the poor weather that we had this year. I think it has performed well compared to other products out there. Start clean, stay clean. If you don't have a clean field to start with, you're just asking for a problem in the end."

Brock Kaecker
AgView Fs
Amboy, IL

"I went Lumax® herbicide early as a pre-emerge product and didn't come back with anything later because I had good weed control. If I went post emerge, I used Halex® GT herbicide. But with this product, we used both combined together in the same year. I do see results. The fields are cleaner than they have been before."

Mike Rosentrater
Paxton, NE

"I am completely satisfied with the weed control I get from using a planned two-pass program of Lumax® herbicide followed by Touchdown Total® herbicide. The last two years have been tough for me and my customers since the weather has been so variable, but Lumax herbicide and Touchdown Total herbicide kept my fields clean as a whistle and my weed control was effective throughout the entire season."

Tyler Scroggins
Danvers, Il

"These are high performing products. When we talk about Lexar®, Lumax® and Bicep® herbicides, we are talking about some of the leaders in pre-emerge products and they have been for years. We have the highest performing products for post emerge as well such as Callisto® and our glyphosates. We truly believe that our products are product leaders and something that farmers can choose to use to better their farming operation and increase their yields."

Roger Gentrup
Albion, NE

"We have been using Halex® GT herbicide for about three years. It didn't take us but one season to realize that this is one of the most convenient products that we could be using. We can go out there with 3.6 pints when the weeds are two to three-inches tall without having to add a tank mix partner to it. It's keeping the price down for the farmer and it is also convenient that you are not having to tank mix a bunch of chemicals. You can go back within a couple days and already see the whitening of the weeds in the top and starting to see the chemical working on taking the weeds down. It is a very fast process. Farmers love seeing the visual effects. When you are using this product and they can see the performance they are getting right away it just makes it that much better for them. It has done an excellent job picking up the marestail. We have seen excellent weed control with Halex GT and the farmers are satisfied at harvest time. We look forward to recommending Halex GT next year."

Jamie Dezarn
Russellville, KY

"We had plenty of moisture up front that activated Zemax® herbicide and it performed really well. Zemax is a good fit because of its dual modes of action that provide residual and it helps us manage against resistant weeds that are heading toward this area."

Brett Decker
Farmer & Twin Valley
St. Charles, MN

"We use Dual II Magnum® herbicide down and follow with Halex® GT herbicide. This program helps us stay ahead of the weeds early on, it has multiple modes and gives us increased residual. It is a big advantage, plus, when you look at the price point, it is priced very competitively. The fact of how much Callisto® herbicide you get in Halex GT plus the addition of Dual and Touchdown® herbicides, I think it makes sense for the grower. It definitely gives the grower a lot of ammunition to go out there and control weeds in his field, and be very happy with the performance."

Storm Sammon
Central Valley Co-Op
Owatonna, MN

"For the last two years, we've used Lumax® as our pre-emerge corn herbicide on all our acres, but we've used it for years on our seed corn fields because of its crop safety. For a while, we were using Lumax on our seed corn acres and a different product on our corn acres, but it got to the point where we decided there wasn't any point in having two different products on the truck at one time. We just started using Lumax on everything and have been satisfied ever since."

Andy Awald
Hamlet, IN

"We have a lot of weeds in our area, particularly broadleaf weeds. In the last couple of years, lambsquarters has gotten heavier. On the annual grass side, we have very heavy pressure from foxtail. We also have some woolly cupgrass that has crept in. Zemax® herbicide is a very good fit for us with its Callisto® and Dual® herbicide components. We use it as part of a two-pass program followed by Touchdown® or Halex® GT herbicide to clean up the woolly cupgrass."

Randy Mayer
Crop Product Services
Harmony, MN

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