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Callisto Xtra

Featuring the patented synergistic power of Callisto® herbicide and AAtrex® herbicide in a convenient premix, Callisto Xtra is the tank-mix partner of choice for glyphosate herbicides (Touchdown® or Roundup® brands) in glyphosate-tolerant corn (Agrisure® GT or Roundup Ready® hybrids).

Features of Callisto Xtra

  • Patented synergistic herbicidal combination of Callisto and AAtrex 4L
  • The control received from the combination of products is better than expected based on each product used alone (1 + 1 = 3).
  • Two modes of action for glyphosate resistance management
    Controls glyphosate-tolerant or glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds, including lambsquarters, waterhemp, pigweed and ragweed.
  • Longest-lasting residual broadleaf weed control
    Applied April 24, 2009. Photos taken 40 days after treatment. Marshall, Mo. Weed species present were waterhemp, ivyleaf morningglory, fall panicum, giant foxtail, velvetleaf and lambsquarters.

  • Faster burndown of weeds compared to glyphosate alone
  • Powered by Callisto Plant Technology®, Callisto Xtra delivers weed control the competition cannot match

AAtrex, Bicep II MAGNUM, Bicep II MAGNUM FC, Bicep Lite II MAGNUM, Callisto Xtra, Lexar, Lexar EZ, Lumax and Lumax EZ are Restricted Use Pesticides.

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