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Zemax® herbicide is specially formulated to deliver long-lasting residual weed control and application flexibility in areas where atrazine use is limited

  • Contains two active ingredients with two modes of action for residual control of tough grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds such as waterhemp*, pigweeds, foxtails, lambsquarters, ragweeds and velvetleaf
    • Callisto® herbicide
    • Dual Magnum® herbicide
  • Solid, dependable weed control means less risk of weed competition reducing yields resulting in more profit potential per acre
  • Targeted for weed biotypes tolerant or resistant to glyphosate, ALS-inhibiting, PPO and triazine herbicides
  • Controls weeds glyphosate can't, such as waterhemp* and pigweed
  • Powered by Callisto Plant Technology®

Bare Ground Demo Plots, Byron, MN

All treatments sprayed pre-emergence on May 11, 2011.
All treatments sprayed pre-emergence on May 11, 2011. Weed species present: giant foxtail, common lambsquarters, redroot pigweed and velvetleaf. Photos taken seven weeks after application.

Bare Ground Demo Plots, Lamartine, WI

Foundation rates used.
Foundation rates used. Photos taken 29-30 days after treatment. 2011.

Pre Harvest Photos, Lamartine, WI, 2011

Application Recommendations

Zemax can be applied at a

  • Full rate (2.0 – 2.4 qts./A)
  • Foundation rate (1.0 – 1.2 qts./A) followed by Halex® GT herbicide
  • Foundation rate (1.6 – 2.0 qts./A) followed by glyphosate (Touchdown® or Roundup® brand herbicides) or tank mixed with glyphosate for post-emergence application in glyphosate-tolerant corn
  • Where possible, add an AAtrex® brand herbicide for application up to 12-inch corn
  • Zemax can also be tank mixed with a Princep® brand herbicide for pre-emergence application

Zemax can be applied from 14 days pre-plant up to 30-inch corn

Zemax is registered for use in field corn (PRE and POST), seed corn (PRE and POST), sweet corn (PRE only), yellow popcorn (PRE only) and grain sorghum (PRE only)**

  • Zemax can be used in conventional corn and herbicide-tolerant corn while SureStart and TripleFLEX can only be used in herbicide-tolerant corn
  • Zemax contains a proven safener, benoxacor, to ensure corn safety for pre applications even in adverse weather conditions

Zemax is an extensively tested formulation, so when you're ready to go, the formulation will not slow you down

  • Formulated for optimized handling and tank clean out
  • Based on the same capsule-suspension formulation technology as Halex GT herbicide
  • Compatible with many sulfur-containing nitrogen (28%-32%) fertilizers and other critical tank-mix partners
  • Designed to minimize effects of overwintering

Field treated with Zemax, Byron, MN, 2011
Field treated with Zemax, Byron, MN, 2011

For more information about Zemax, talk to your retailer or local Syngenta representative.

Zemax owes its origin to the discovery of a natural herbicide secreted by the Callistemon plant. This is Callisto Plant Technology and it brings unprecedented broadleaf weed control and exceptional crop safety to Zemax the competition cannot match.

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